Spouse or Partner or Dependent Visa

1. Introduction

The Spouse visa is one of the ways to enter the country. The spouse visa along with the Dependent Visa allows citizens and permanent residents of the country, who are above the age of majority, i.e. 18 years to sponsor dependent family members which include, spouses, children, parents, grandparents, and common-law partners.

2. Purpose

The main purpose of the Spouse visa is to go to the country and to support the partner. To apply for a spouse visa, you need to show proof that your spouse is staying with any type of visa except a temporary visa.

3. Who Can Be Sponsored

You can sponsor the following categories of relatives under the dependent visa

  • 1. Your spouse or common-law partner
  • 2. Your biological or adopted children or children you intend to adopt
  • 3. our grandparents or your grandchildren (provided they are orphans)
  • 4. Your siblings
  • 5. The children of your siblings

4. Documents

In order to sponsor your family member through Dependent Visa you will need to provide the following

  • 1. Documented proof of your financial status and cash flow for the previous 12 months to show that you are financially sound and capable of supporting your family members.
  • 2. If you are sponsoring your child then he or she must be below 22 years of age

5. Expenses

There are 3 types of expenses here.

  • 1st : Consultancy fees. ( Our fees are 20000-35000 INR per person, depending on the country )
  • 2nd : Embassy fee. For any country, the fee is not more than 50000-400000 INR.
  • 3rd : For some countries, you need to pay a biometric fee.

The total cost will be 80000 - 500000 INR

6. Conclusion

A dependent visa is one of the visas to enter the country. You can stay there and you can understand their culture and environment. If you think all are okay, you can plan to stay there permanently. A dependent visa gives you all types of access i.e. job, study, etc...