Other Immigration Options

1. Introduction

Immigration is a way to go and stay in another country to stay and earn money for a long time. Few countries give direct immigration Visas and few countries give immigration visas after covering some conditions like job experience or staying in those countries for a few years.

In the below details, there are a few countries or states which can be your preferred option.

2. Denmark Immigration

  • a. Introduction: It’s called the Danish Green Card, which allows its holder to live in Denmark. This visa is point-based. Danish Green Card allows working in Denmark without applying for a work permit visa.
  • b. Why Denmark: There are a few benefits of the Danish Green Card
    • i. The Global Peace Index survey ranks Denmark as the second most peaceful country in the world,
    • ii. Denmark is a member state of the European Union
    • iii. Work anywhere in any sector.
    • iv. your spouse or partner is also eligible for a residence permit
    • v. Your spouse or partner is allowed to work full time
  • c. Point Requirement: 100 points are required to be eligible.
  • d. Visa Fees: Visa fees for Danish Green Card are 1455 DKK.
  • e. Time Requirement: 6-8 months is needed to get the visa.

3. Austria Immigration

  • a. Introduction: If you have any plans to stay in Austria then you need to apply for a residence permit. Austria offers different types of resident permits. However, if your period of stay is less than six months, you do not require a residence permit, but you will need a visa.
  • b. Benefits:
    • i. Any type of job you can do.
    • ii. Family Visa
    • iii. Earn in euro
  • c. Visa Fees:
    • i. For Single – 966.65 Euro
    • ii. For Couple – 1524.99 Euro
    • iii. For Each Child – 149.15 Euro

4. Quebec Immigration

  • a. Introduction: Quebec is a province in Canada. Quebec govt. individually takes application. This process is point based
  • b. Point Requirement:
  • c. Visa Fees:
    • i. Principle Applicant – 812 C$
    • ii. Spouse – 174 C$
    • iii. Each Child – 174 C$
  • d. Time Requirement: 9-12 months is required for the processing.